Why Let Publishers Own Your Story?

Why Let Publishers Own Your Story?

Shape brand perception by the stories you tell.

In today’s fragmented world, stories are consumed as bite-sized pieces of digital content a brand must shape its perception over time by the stories they tell AND the stories other people tell them. I bring together a new kind of team that blends data analyst, journalism with digital and designers that create solutions to engage consumers with a multi-layered approach to content marketing.

I use a narrative-centric model with specific editorial principles to guide which narrative themes are worth participating in, what stories are told, to whom we are telling them, and where they are placed. My approach is scalable for everything from a multi-platform global editorial plan that operates like a newsroom to a story-centric content campaign.

Building Your Publishing Team Starts Here.

  1. Story Development:Deploying a small team to mine continuously for stories inside and outside of the organization. In addition to uncovering stories from within I employ a data journalist to dig into internal data sources to find new story angles and proof points. A series of story ideas to fill in the editorial calendar will be the outcome.
  2. Editorial Team Design: Designing right-sized editorial team models that meet the needs of today and that grow with a brand. Tailoring a nimble storytelling organization requires not only the right roles to conceive, create and share stories but also the workflows and data inputs necessary to ensure a brand can easily repeat success. 
  3. Editorial Management: Once the Editorial model is designed and the extended network is defined, I can serve as the managing editor to help mentor the team on the new approach as the brand matures its capabilities. 
  4. Creators Network: Storytelling for multiple audiences and platforms can require several types of creative ranging from an automobile journalist to people who create short form content for social. I help brands curate the right types of on-demand talent to fulfill different kinds of story development and integrate these people into a logical workflow model.