Hybrids Are Efficient In The Workforce

Hybrids Are Efficient In The Workforce

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As marketing shifts from metrics like "share of wallet" to "share of experience" it's essential to weave together fragmented customer touch points into a total experience while building the organization required to integrate emerging technologies.  When envisioning next generation customer experiences you need people who can combine the power of narrative, experience design with big data to engage audiences and drive messages in an ever-more crowded and noisy environment.

You need people who can develop integrated marketing plans that are grounded in a solid understanding of your ideal customer, your brand and the trends shaping the larger cultural landscape that might affect both. 

Omni-Present Marketing Strategies Span Time and Place.

  1. Consumer Insights: Consumer behaviors are highly dynamic and always in flux. Therefore, research needs to be a living / ongoing endeavor. Build a dynamic view of a prospect or customer that adapts to changing attitudes and interests that becomes the foundation for the strategy.
  2. Communications Architecture: This is the foundation by which the brand creates and tells its stories. Every day, in big and small ways, we define who we are. How we frame each interaction tells a story. Translate the communication architecture into a storytelling model. 
  3. Customer Journey Maps: It is not about being in every channel, it is about being in the right ones. Combine insights from live consumer data across touch points with a knowledge of traditional and emerging platforms to make sure brands are where they need to be when it is most relevant.
  4. Measurement Model: Marketers today are more accountable than ever to provide measurable returns on their investment, whether it be increasing the share of mind, increasing engagement levels, driving sales or optimizing revenue. Align stories to the customer journey with the goal of ultimately moving people towards a particular business objective. 
  5. Digital Platforms: Marketing teams need more than storytellers – They also need a technologist who understands how to implement the right marketing technology, design the workflows and organize people around content-centric solutions. Develop a digital roadmap that's designed to scale with market demands.