20 Questions to Build A Customer Profile

20 Questions to Build A Customer Profile

Getting To Know The Locals. 

While helping a premium outdoors brand position itself with consumers in North America, I developed a complete view of the customer it was trying to reach using multiple data sources. The  result was a canvas to help this European brand understand moments of intent, consumer interest, attitudes, and the expectations North Americans have of premium brands. Below is a subset of the questions used to gain insight and develop a strategy to become top of mind for the premium winter sports apparel. 

What is the average age?
Do you have children?
Do you live in an urban or rural context?
Which of the following best describes your current job?    
What Industry do you work in?

Online Behavior
How do you use social media? 
Which social properties make up your digital footprint?
Which paid content services do you use?
How do you find out about new products?

Which premium brands would you recommend? 
Which competitive brands are most talked about on social?
What other brands are in the consideration?

How do you want to be perceived by others? 
What are the mega-trends shaping the premium consumer?
Which of these things do you most want your favorite brands to do/provide?

Which of the following products, services or topics have you posted opinions about online?
Which topics most interest you? 
What topics do people you know often ask for your opinion on?
What physical activities do you prefer?

Buying Phase
How do you engage with brands during your purchase process?
How do find out about new brands, products, or services?