Trends: Home Is Where You Park It #vanlife

Trends: Home Is Where You Park It #vanlife

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Exploring trends is a matter of starting with some broader interest like cycling, camping or outdoors and quickly you see conversations clustering around a few hashtags. Digging a few layers below the surface of topline keywords is like a cultural goldmine for exploring the underbelly of mainstream activities. One that keeps popping up in my feed is #vanlife, so being naturally curious I had to dig a little deeper to see what all the fuss is about. 


Trending Topics Within The #vanlife Conversation


Audience Reach and Impressions

While the overall numbers may be small regarding total audience size, it's important not to dismiss these trends. These self-forming communities shape people's expectations of what products should be, are leading indicators of emerging consumer interest and have extremely high levels of participation. 



Recent #vanlife stories

In the last 30 day there have been over 10k mentions using #vanlife below are some of the most recent post. 


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