Maximizing Media Spend

Maximizing Media Spend

Tour De France Fan Engagement

CUORE is a Swiss-based creator of custom made products for cycling and running. They have a healthy b2b business as an OEM manufacturer for some of the leading cycling apparel brands but is as a stand alone brand is relatively unknown. As a person who has worn my fair share of lycra, I can confidently say this is some of the finest product on the market.  The premise of our idea for this campaign was to get people in their gear. Once you experience it, you will see the difference.

Most people can name one cycling event, The Tour De France. The team at Coure realized that most Americans see this is the tentpole cycling event of the year and the time where the most attention spent on cycling media sites catching up on the days results and stories. To reach these consumers, Coure is running 21 days of media on 

Seems obvious, right? Buy media during the largest event of the year on the biggest cycling news publisher. 

Well, then comes the question, what do we do to make the most of this investment? Just running lower funnel media with buy now for a brand people are not aware of is probably not the best idea, so my recommendation was to build an engagement platform. Remember, the premise of getting people in their gear? That is was it. 

We launched the 21 day TourIQ challenge to help Cuore build brand awareness with North American consumers during the Tour De France by creating a unique experience that uses a media buy on Velonews to drive traffic. A critical part of the experience is to bring to life relevant parts of the brand DNA which will set in motion a broader brand narrative that begins to shape the perception of the brand as a premium line of clothing but ultimately we are creating a pathway to purchase.