The other side of content marketing

The other side of content marketing

Let’s talk about the other side of content marketing

We know that people are consuming more content than ever to aid in how they perceive a brand and ultimately the products they buy.

Marketers have responded by doing what they believe consumers want, and that is by generating more stuff. Lot’s of it.

When we talk about content marketing, the conversation tends to focus on the resulting video that generated millions of views or the tweet that broke the internet.We tend not to talk about whether these results came from having a repeatable process or if it was just blind luck.

For each success we hear about there are literally 10's of thousands of videos, posts, ads, earned media filling our feeds that we simply just flick past.

This has created a swell of conversation in the marketing community asking if content marketing is dead?

I don’t think so. I think there is simply not enough time spent talking about the other side of content marketing. The hard work that goes on behind the scenes.

Only 37% of marketers say their content marketing is mature. The other 63% could accelerate their efforts with a plan.

Here is a quick quiz to see how you rank. 
Have you aligned your content strategy across paid, owned and earned platforms?

How about story arcs? Are they designed to span over time and work contextually across channels?

Are storytelling processes defined and repeatable so that you can get content to market quickly?

Is performance measurement and optimization done by audience, story, theme and channel?

I have repeatedly helped brands across industries answer these same tough questions through a systematic approach to content marketing and have arrived at one key insight. Better predicting which themes will resonate, the places it makes sense to publish and the types of assets to create all by audience can only be done by aligning content marketing across paid, owned and earned.