Formula 1 racing is at the top of the charts in Powersports for both cost to operate and use of technology to get across the finish line first. The cost of keeping Formula One’s top 10 teams shows they spend a total of $2.6 billion annually.  With this much invested its no surprise that each car is loaded up with around 200 sensors, some of which give readings up to 1,000 times per second.  

According to an Interview with the South China Morning Post The British team Williams says that it generates about 800 gigabytes of on-track data in each race about the engine, tires, weather and video footage.  It would make sense for them to explore how machine learning can help them generate insights from this data in real time. But how far will Formula 1 teams push AI to win?

This article poses an interesting scenario that has the potential to disrupt the sport of Formula 1 racing forever.  Are we likely to see a starting grid of driverless Formula 1 cars in the not too distant future?

Driverless vehicles are on course to transform the future of transportation - a trend motorsport’s premier series will have to address. The march of Artificial intelligence (AI) is disrupting industries across all sectors, and so it is inevitable this technology has found its way to one of the world’s foremost proponents of automotive innovation – Formula 1.
— Reuters