Trends: Who Will Win The Tour De France?

Trends: Who Will Win The Tour De France?

Who will win the social media race across France? 

In less than two weeks one of the most impressive feats of human endurance will begin, the 2016 Tour De France. I will leave the romantic history of the race and the scandals to the journalist who can tell a much better story than I can.  The story here is whether or not the most mentioned riders are the ones who will take the podium or will just simply win the social media race which has value in and of itself. Stay tuned for a follow-up post on the value to sponsors for athletes winning on social. 

As with any major sporting event each of the big media outlets has done their analysis on who will take the top spot on the podium in Paris. The fans are talking too, in the last 30 days we are starting to see an accelerating in conversation volume with almost 60k conversations happening around the globe on Twitter alone.

Using Wayin, I was able quickly to build a leaderboard visualization of the leading contenders and see who’s taking the early breakaway.

Real-Time Tracker 

On July 24th, we will see just how close the crowds were in predicting the overall winner. Over the course of the month, I will continue to track which riders, teams and brands are winning the social media race across France.

Photo Credit: Dmitry Kostyukov