Positioned a legacy brand as an innovator in FinTech

Positioned a legacy brand as an innovator in FinTech

I led the strategy and implementation of a new brand narrative that evolves how Bank of America Merchant Services positions its value to merchants to stand out and stay differentiated when the financial services market was being disrupted by players like Stripe, PayPal, and Square.  

Developing the new narrative was an effort to dive deep into the organization and mine for its true meaning and then establish where the brand can credibly own a position in the market while identifying areas of opportunity to increase the gap among the competition. 

The narrative scope of this 8-month effort started with a deep discovery with over 50 stakeholders and customers from all business segments across all relevant roles, globally.  Also, in addition to primary research, we leveraged 3rd party survey companies, established social media listening post and mined search behavior of over 32k keywords related to the industry. 

These data points served as the foundation by which the brand and various business units go to market. It serves as the guiding framework to create a consistent and scalable value proposition that is differentiated and relevant to customer needs.

Read the whitepaper I developed to help articulate the new position. 

from Dirk Shaw